Torres Strait & PNG

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The Torres Strait contains much of the most pristine coral reefs to be found anywhere, being the most northerly tip of the Great Barrier Reef. The central western and inner island clusters of the Straits are also  the most northerly tip of the Great Dividing Range, poking out of the water stepping-stone-like on the way up to the southern shoreline of Papua New Guinea.


Operations charter vessels and lodges are scarce in the Torres Strait, with 16 inhabited islands being the traditional home of various island peoples with an eclectic mixture of Micronesian, Pacific Island, Pauan and Aboriginal linkages. These people have been navigating the island chain of the Torres Strait and hunting from these waters for countless generations and guard their island waters very closely.


Located just north of here, Papua Guinea has some very remote and exclusive lodges which appeal to Australian angling groups chasing something very different in the home of barramundi, black bass and huge saratoga.  



Types of Activity


1. Estuary fishing

2. Inshore Light Tackle

3. Reef & Bluewater




-  Charter vessels: extended trips

-  Game Boats & Motherships 

-  Guided day trips: light tackle sportfishing

-  Fishing Lodges

-  Heli Fishing


Primary take-off points for fishing the Torres Strait are Seisia, Bamaga, Somerset and Thursday Island. Angling parties looking to venture into New Guinea need to clear customs through either Port Moreseby or Daru Island.