Gulf of Carpentaria



The Gulf of Carpentaria is a shallow body of water with tidal ranges that vary quite markedly to the rest of the country. It is not uncommon to see tides flowing in or out for an entire day. The guides and gurus of this area know their surroundings intimately and have shaped their fishing techniques accordingly.


This consistency in run and current plus reasonably predictable weather patters can produce exceptional fishing alongs shallow reef and inshore grounds. Everything from barramundi all the way up to Sailfish are available within a very short and often comfortable distance.


Fishing groups thinking they are missing out on white beaches and crystal clear water are mistaken not to think they will get these in the Gulf. Both the Noth East and North West coasts of the Gulf have endless streches of pristine beach and endless flats. 


The Gulf is the one place which matches the Top End of the Northern Terriotory for its ability to turn on cricket-score catches of barramundi in a single day. Catch one and on that magic day and endless others will show up to do battle. Crome-plates barra hurtling themselves at poppers and shallow divers is a fantastic thing to be a part of at least once in your life.


Sightfishing is another amazing activity with more barramundi sightcasted in the Gulf of Carpentaria then anywhere else. Fly fisherman flock to this stretch of the coastline in droves over the years, matching the calm, clear, inshore conditions with a stupendouns species list available. 


Every year during the dry season, huge bait balls gather and the tropical speedters making dinner of them can be a spectacle just to watch, let alone fish. The Gulf has some fantastic operators and operations which make fantastic use of the area and most pride themselves on fishing areas sustainably.   


Types of Activity

1. Freshwater & Impoundment Fishing

2. Eastuary Fishing & Light Tackle

3. Reef & Bluewater

4. Game Fishing & Heavy Tackle



-  Charter vessels: extended trips

-  Guided day trips

-  Houseboat Hire

-  Fishing Lodges

-  Remote luxury island lodges 

-  Heli Fishing

-  Fly fishing specialists


Primary take-off points for fishing the Gulf of carpentaria include Weipa in the East, Karumba in the south east, Groote Island on the West and a number of small properties, communities and island camps which can be flown and driven into.