Exotic Locations Abroad

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The primary focus of Wild River Company is to match clients with their fishing destination of a lifetime. There is so many changables on the international scene that I will not attempt to provide coverage of individual services.


However for those who want the research done to help put together that dream itinerary, Wild River Company is for you. Many clients who are financially well-off but time poor will benefit greatly when trying to put together long range trips which require lengthy considerations, research and follow through to ensure expectations are met.  



Types of Activity


1. Freshwater / Streams / Lakes

2. Eastuary Fishing &

3. Light Tackle & Bluewater

4. Game Fishing & Heavy Tackle

5. Spearfishing / Diving

6. Impoundment Fishing




-  Fly fishing specialists

-  Charter vessels: extended trips

-  Guided day trips

-  Houseboat / Yacht Hire

-  Fishing Lodges

-  Remote luxury island lodges 

-  Heli Fishing

-  Cultural & Wildlife expereiences