The Kimberley


The Kimberley Coast is one of the most feared and reveared pieces of coastline for early explorers, early settlers and modern day adventurers. Even now the Kimberley has a rustic charm all its own and the fishing can be mind-blowing.


Travelling across its vast interior or steaming all the way around its endless coastline, the Kimberley makes anglers fully understand that there is never enough time to fish all the wildest places. 


It's the place of the BIG bite! Where on a certain tide, barramundi and mangrove jack suddenly come into a frenzied attack as any bait or lure hits the water. Where only a brave few usually venture into the water for fear of the hungry sharks and sneaky crocs.


With incredible rock art locations and a wealth of spiritual knowledge  shared amongst the local tribes, the Kimberley feels like as much a spiritual journey as it does a journey through an ancient, deeply weathered, waterfall ridden, fish filled wonderland.





Types of Activity


1. Freshwater & Impoundment Fishing

2. Eastuary Fishing & Light Tackle

3. Reef & Bluewater

4. Game Fishing & Heavy Tackle



-  Charter vessels: extended trips

-  Guided day trips

-  Houseboat Hire

-  Fishing Lodges

-  Remote lodges & camps

-  Heli Fishing


Take-off Points for the Kimberley are through the bases of Darwin (for charter vessels), Kununurra, Wyndham, Derby and Broome. There are also landing strips and chopper bases in some more remote areas of the Kimberley.