Top End, NT


With truly progressive laws in the Northern Territory (NT), this fisherman's paradise has a landscape which lends itself very well to Barramundi Fishing. The Top End, NT is widely known for its world class fishing, with just as many blue water options as there is estaury and freshwater options.


The Top End has probably the most guides taking clients out on a daily basis, always with that meter-mark barramundi in mind! Endless bays, creeks and rivers of the region are known to serious anglers from far and wide. Rivers such as the Mary, the Daly, The Vic, The Roper and others contain enormous stocks of fish in their freshwater environs. The "Run-Off" is what everyone refers to and it is quite often the time and place more large barramundi are landed than enywhere else. 


Catching big bucket-mouth barra where a floodplain drain is empltying out into the main river. This is an image many Terriotorians take to bed with them at night, clasping their beers around the campfire at the one that got away.  


Bluewater options are also boundless with trailer boats being almost as popular as cars in the Top End. The whole coastline has options galore and anglers can catch aweseom trifectors like a barramundi a black jewfish and a coral trout all in the same area!


Types of guided charter operations include:


1. Island Lodges and Extended charter vessels

2. Specialist barramundi day-guides

2. Eastuary fishing and light tackle sportfishing guides

3. Reef and bluewater charters


Types of Activity


1. Freshwater Fishing

2. Eastuary Fishing 

3. Reef & Bluewater

4. Light tackle game



-  Charter vessels: extended trips

-  Guided day trips

-  Houseboat Hire

-  Fishing Lodges

-  Heli Fishing

-  Fly fishing specialists



Primary take-off points for fishing the Top end of the Northern Terriotory mostly occur through Darwin. Flights to remote communities, camps and charter operations are available and can be organised through Wild River Company.