Arnhem Land & Islands

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Anhem Land and the associated island groups represent some of Australia's most remote, isolated anf productive fisheries. The entire area is Aborighinal Land and permits are required to access almost everywhere. Luckily some lodges and charter boarts have access to some dazzling, fish-rich locations.


Let Wild River Company do some leg work for you in accessing one of Autralia's last frontier fisheries.


Besides the cosmopolitan nature of Arnhem Land's biggest township of Nhullunbuy, the area's inhopitible lanscape is only mateched by the desolation of its coastline. Fishing spots for the most part are vesy isolated and extremely hard to reach. 


Littered with island chains and more reef patches and shoaling ground than someone could ever hope to fish, there is less chance of fish ever having seen or heard a human then perhaps anywhere else.


The diversity of the fishing is a highlight and a single rock holding mangrove jack, barramundi, fingermark and coral trout is a real probability. Unwalked beaches and previously unwaded flats are in abundance. 



The area has a range of very exclusive guided charter operations, extended liveaboard options and fantastic lodges. 


Types of Activity


1. Freshwater & Estuary Fishing &

2. Light Tackle

3. Reef & Bluewater



-  4WD Adventures with permits

-  Charter vessels: extended trips

-  Fishing Lodges

-  Heli Fishing

-  Fly fishing specialists


Primary take-off points for Arnhem Land  are Nhullunbuy (Gove), Groote Island and a scattering of Aboriginal Communities reached by light aircraft.